Strengthening agriculture finance through capacity building, peer-to-peer learning, and networking.

Amret Microfinance Institution

A man employs two oxen to plough a rice field. Cambodia. Photo: © Masaru Goto /

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Project Status: In progress

With co-financing from AgriFin, Amret is strengthening its capacity in agricultural lending to target new and existing rural clientele.

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Amret Microfinance Institution

Amret is one of the leading institutions in Cambodia involved in agriculture/rural lending. Most of its 46 branches are located in rural district towns and 94% of its borrowers live in the villages.  Amret’s microcredit activity was created in 1991 in the context of a rural development project. Originally providing only group loans, Amret started providing individual loans in 1995, first in villages, then in district and provincial towns through a network of branches. In 2000 it transformed into a private limited company. Amret also has offered deposit products since autumn 2009, such as current accounts, planned savings, and term deposits. In addition, Amret has recently launched an inter-branch transfers system. Learn More >>

Major Activities

  • Build technical and management capacity in agriculture finance
  • Establish low cost service points and mobile phone solutions
  • Customize the Management Information System (MIS) to incorporate agriculture finance products
  • Provide non-financial services for farmers
  • Develop at least four new agriculture loan products

Key Outcomes

  • Outreach to 100,000 new clients with a total volume of $38 million under group loans over four years
  • Outreach to 14,175 new clients with a total volume of $11 million under individual loans over four years