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Financial institutions lending to agriculture need to introduce and update existing processes that consider the specificities of agricultural clients and markets in order to enable sustainable lending practices.

Credit Risk Assessment

Financial institutions need to consider the agriculture specific challenges, constraints, and opportunities that both producers and value chain actors face, and include such considerations into its credit risk assessments when determining lending decisions. Examples of agricultural credit risk assessment are available on this site.

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Value Chain and Market Assessment

Financial institutions need to understand the specificities of the agricultural sectors in which their borrowers operate, mandating the need for assessments on agricultural value chains and markets. Examples of Value Chain and Market assessment are available on this site.

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Operational Process and Policies

Financial institutions often necessitate specific policies, which are reflected in their operational processes, to determine levels and types of lending, reporting frameworks, etc. Examples of policies and operational processes are available on this site.

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Financial institutions need to tailor their existing loan products to suit the specific needs of their agricultural clients, considering relevant factors such as seasonal production, collateral, loan sizes, and others. Examples of products related to agricultural finance are available on this site.

Loan Products

Agricultural loans are often different in format, structure, marketing and operation to standard loan products. Examples and their term sheets are available on this site.

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Agricultural Value Chain Finance

Technical materials instructing on agricultural value chain finance, their different actors and relationships along the value chain, as well as approaches to increase lending, and manage and mitigate risks, are available on this site.

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AgriFin and its partners have developed a range of training programs focused on agricultural finance topics. The trainings are intended for people working in financial institutions that lend to agricultural clients – both farmers and enterprises. All training materials can be downloaded and adapted for re-use.

  • Basics of Agriculture Finance

    Introductory materials related to agricultural financing and the differences to other sector financing. Materials explain the challenges and opportunities facing institutions wanting to expand their services to agricultural clients and some of the specific considerations required to do so sustainably.

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  • Basics of Agriculture Lending

    Materials focused exclusively on the technical requirements of providing loans to agricultural borrowers, both farmers and enterprises. The materials cover a range of issues including credit risk assessment, understanding agronomic factors, conducting farm visits and scheduling loan repayments to fit with agriculture seasons.

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  • Value Chain Finance

    Value chain financing can be an excellent means for providing larger volumes of lending through aggregated value chain actors. This training course provides materials for bankers wishing to understand how to identify, select, audit and lend to specific agricultural value chains in a secure and risk appropriate manner.

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  • Financial Literacy

    In many rural areas farmers have limited experiences of using financial products to assist them in managing their farms. Lenders wishing to expand their presence to such clients may need to start by providing their potential clients with introductory training on financial literacy matters. The materials hosted on the AgriFin site has been developed and used in various locales.

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Climate Finance

Climate Finance, both public and private, has the potential to dramatically leverage the capital available for climate smart investments in the agriculture sector while also strengthening the links between Financial institutions (FIs) and smallholder farmers and SMEs. Technical materials and discussion papers related to Climate Finance are available on this site.

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Resources include brief technical notes, reports, and articles examining a broad range of topics related to sustainable agricultural finance and are intended to share a high-level overview of the subject matter. Readers will also find links to more detailed resources.

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AgriFin has produced a series of videos focused on key concepts of agricultural finance to share with finance staff and professionals. These videos can act as a useful introduction to the subjects and raise awareness on specific topics.

What is Value Chain Financing - HDFC

In this video you will learn about value chain financing, using the case of milk value chain financing by HDFC bank in India. 

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The AgriFin webinar series enables agricultural finance practitioners to attend online technical presentations and discussions delivered by the world’s leading agricultural finance experts. Catch up on presentations after the event. Attend future webinars by registering on the site.

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