Banque National de Developpement Agricole

Employee of an agribusiness in Mali. Photo: © James Martone / World Bank

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With co-financing from AgriFin, Banque National de Developpement Agricole (BNDA) strengthened its capacity to serve commercially viable agriculture SMEs in diversified value chains based on its successful urban lending model.

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Banque National de Developpment Agricole

BNDA was established in 1981 as a joint stock corporation “development bank” by a special law. Operations started in 1982. Its original mandate has remained, until today, to provide technical and financial assistance for the implementation of any viable project that promotes rural development in Mali. Until recent years, BNDA was primarily focused on cotton, financed through a structured arrangement with “Compagnie Malienne pour le developpement des textiles” (CMDT). From its creation, the bank was entitled to mobilize deposits. Since the abolition of a special status for development banks, BNDA operates as an ordinary commercial bank. BNDA’s key partners are over 6,000 farmer groups and 36 partnerships with MFIs. The challenges in Mali’s cotton sector have led to a profound change in BNDA’s operations and business model, away from cotton towards a more diversified agriculture portfolio and increasing services in urban areas. Learn More >>