Webinar | Building Capacity in Agricultural Banking: The Role of Bankers Associations

Speaker: John Blanchfield, ABA, United States

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Did you know the catalytic role bankers associations can play in fostering the development of the agricultural banking industry? Listen to this webinar featuring John Blanchfield, Senior Vice President and Director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Banking of the American Bankers Association (ABA), as he shares ABA’s long history and experience in strengthening U.S. commercial banks to lend to agriculture. You will learn how banks can utilize their bankers association as a forum to discuss pertinent issues and gain the necessary insights and training to make their banks stronger and more successful. 

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About the Speaker:

John Blanchfield 
Senior Vice President & Director of the ABA's Center for Agricultural and Rural Banking, U.S.


John is one of the most demanded speakers on agricultural finance in the United States. Over the last two decades, he has given hundreds of presentations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. He has been quoted in many publications, and featured on numerous radio and television programs. His experience with the ABA spans over a period of 24 years. Among other things, the ABA Center for Agricultural and Rural Banking helps to increase the professionalism of agricultural bankers nationwide and works with various federal  agencies to develop new programs that help farmers and ranchers access capital. Before ABA, John worked in agricultural finance for 11 years in central New York State, including 6 years as an agricultural loan officer at a commercial bank. He specialized in lending to very low income farmers and in resolving problem credits.