Study Tour: India

Organized jointly with B-A-LAMP of the Basix Group, the event brought AgriFin's financial institution partners from Africa and Asia and senior World Bank experts to India to learn about innovations in financing smallholder agriculture. During the knowledge exchange, Indian banking and microfinance professionals spoke about the challenges of sustainably serving small-scale agriculture and, in particular, addressing the non-financial technical needs of smallholders. Particularly noteworthy were the lessons learned on the importance of product cross selling, commercial tie-ups with input suppliers and other retailers, and ‘knowing your client’ as a means of reducing transaction costs and managing risks. 

After 12 in-house presentations and over 30 field visits, the participants left with many new ideas and much enthusiasm. In the words of Soungalo Sanogo, Head of Business and Marketing Service, Banque Nationale de Développement Agricole (BNDA), Mali, "This was the best training I’ve attended in my professional career!"