Study Tour: Mexico

As part of its knowledge and networks strategy, AgriFin organized its fourth study tour to share information on innovative practices on agriculture finance in Mexico. 

Participants at this study tour had the opportunity to:

  • learn about the operating environment for agriculture finance in Mexico and the key actors in the sector;

  • visit a range of field operations and clients of three financial institutions in Mexico;
  • examine tripartite arrangements between producers, buyers, and FIs that reduce risk and costs; and,
  • engage and build professional relationships with a diverse range of international agriculture finance experts.

The study tour began with a one day workshop in which various officials and members of financial institutions provided context on the agricultural finance sector in Mexico. Three days of field visits were concluded with a wrap-up workshop among the participants to gain an idea of lessons learned, highlights, and an opportunity for reflection. The financial institutions visited include the following:

  • Progresemos – small coffee growers and buyers in Puebla. Progresemos promotes access to microcredit for productive activities among the rural population by offering a market solution. They promote a culture of productive use of credit amongst both groups and individuals.
  • Financiera Rural – medium-scale producers and processors in Puebla.  Financiera Rural aims to ensure an effective financing system, technical assistance, training and consultancy to the rural sector. Of particular interest is Financiera Rural’s robust risk assessment system through the use of credit scorecards and the viability of its client extension services to small and medium producers and associations.

  • Finterra – large scale fruit and vegetable producers/agribusinesses in Hildalgo. Finterra’s main objective is to support the modernization and growth of the food industry in Mexico by providing products and services that improve the quality of work and production. With regional coverage across Mexico, they support funding for working capital and fixed asset investment for grains and horticulture, production of industrial crops, fruit growing and commercialization and industrialization of inputs, grains and other agriculture crops.