Webinar | Automated Credit Scoring Using Digital Data

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About the Event

This digital finance topic examines the technological aspects for financial institutions who want to design and implement automated credit scoring. By reviewing the webinar materials, users can gain insight into the feature types (mobile, e-mail network, and social media data) used to build predictive features that may help approve more applicants and reduce risk by combining traditional data with new data to improve existing score cards and complement traditional underwriting tools. The presentation highlights which sets of data to digitize for smallholder farmers.

This webinar is part of a two-part webinar series with Lenddo and focuses on critical technical aspects for financial institutions wishing to learn more about utilizing digital financial services to improve their efficiency and expand their client outreach. It follows from our introductory webinars on the opportunities for banks to expand their financing of agricultural clients using digital financial services.

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About the Presenter

Florentin Lenoir     

Marketing and Business Development Director at Lenddo

Passioned by management and consulting, Florentin has more than seven years experience across various industries, business functions and cultures. His area of expertise includes Strategic Business Development in the cross-cultural environment, International Sales and Marketing Management, Marketing Analysis and Market Research. Florentin is currently the Marketing and Business Development Director for Lenddo, supervising the global expansion of the company globally along with the management of the different offices in Americas, India, and South East Asia.

Lenddo is a software-as-service company helping leading financial institutions globally, make more accurate and quicker decisions across the customer lifecycle and drive higher levels of growth and profitability. Lenddo transforms the use of data to access and serve new and underserved market segments.