Webinar | Credit Scoring for Agriculture Lending

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has developed the Agricultural Loan Evaluation System (ALES), a practical credit scoring tool to assess risk in agricultural lending. 

In this webinar, Katia Görtz and Erdal Kocoglu, project managers at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, discussed ALES’ key features and benefits in improving risk management capacity of financial institutions in developing countries. 


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Katia Görtz 
Project Manager, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany




Katia Görtz is responsible for quality management and backstopping of agricultural lending projects at the Frankfurt School since 2008. While working as an agricultural lending expert in Tajikistan, she provided support in designing an innovative lending technology that combines an agronomic risk scoring tool with a cash-flow based financial analysis. She has designed and implemented new loan products, including individual, group lending, and value chain finance products. Katia has also developed and implemented a loan analysis of clients working in primary agriculture and was involved in rural sector studies.

Erdal Kocoglu 

Project Manager, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Turkey




Erdal Kocoglu started his career as an independent entrepreneur and joined the Frankfurt School in 2008. His work includes assignments focused on agricultural finance, credit guarantee schemes, business planning & financial modeling, and field studies. Erdal helped design and implement a system to evaluate the cost-revenue structure of agricultural enterprises to assist banks in making credit decisions. He also developed a value chain finance concept designed specifically for Turkey. Erdal holds M.Sc. Degree in European Business Law. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Administration.