Webinar | Financing Agricultural Value Chains



Nikolaus Eichman, AZMJ, United States

Lois Sankey, Diamond Bank, Nigeria

Many banks see value chain financing as a promising way to tap into growing agricultural markets. If done right, this type of financing can help expand the much needed financial access to the agriculture sector, but it requires a good understanding of value chains and the different actors involved.

To speak on this topic, we invited an agribusiness specialist and a banker. Mr. Nikolaus Eichman, an Agribusiness Specialist with AZMJ discussed a training program on value chain analysis that helps financial institutions better understand and serve various agricultural value chains. Ms. Lois Sankey, Head of Agrifinance at Diamond Bank, Nigeria shared Diamond Banks's experience with the training and talked about how it has impacted the Bank's agricultural lending operations. 

Webinar Materials:

  • Financing Agricultural Value Chains, Diamond Bank (PDF)
  • Value Chain Finance Training, AZMJ (PDF)
  • Webinar (Listen)

Additional Resources on Value Chain Finance:

About the Speakers:

Nikolaus Eichman 
Agribusiness & PPP Specialist, AZMJ, U.S


Nikolaus has nine years of experience in project management, developing agricultural value chains and creating market and investor linkages.  He is a value chain finance training specialist for AZMJ having lead training sessions in Peru, Bolivia, Washington DC, and Germany.  Mr. Eichman plays a crucial role applying the AZMJ business model of connecting corporate sustainable sourcing initiatives in agriculture to comprehensive development projects.


Lois Sankey

Head, AgriFinance Desk, Diamond Bank Plc, Nigeria


Lois has over fifteen years of experience working at the Diamond Bank Plc in various capacities. She manages the Banks’s overall agrifinance strategy and is responsible for agrifinance portfolio development including, product, process, and capacity. Before her current position, Ms. Sankey also worked in the bank's operations, credit, marketing, and branch management.