Webinar | Financing Coffee Growers: Lessons from a Banking Partnership in Honduras

Speaker:  Antonio Abufele Coello, Regional Vice President of Business Development, Banco Continental, Honduras

When:  English version on May 28, 2014, 10:00 AM -11:00 AM EDT

Speak Spanish? Spanish version on May 28, 2014, 03:00 PM -04:00 PM EDT   

Partnerships between businesses have the potential to be remarkably effective business ventures. Firms taking advantage of strategic partnerships can utilize other company's strengths to make both firms stronger in the long run.

Banco Continental, a commercial bank, recently partnered with Banhcafe to finance coffee growers in Honduras. In this webinar, speaker Antonio Abufele Colleo, Business Vice President at Banco Continental discussed how the partnership helps the banks market their loan products and manage the risks associated with financing coffee producers. Juan Carlos Barahona Lara, Regional Manager at Banhcafe, joined as a discussant to talk about the benefits his firm gained from this partnership.  

In the webinar recording, you will learn what a commercial bank can achieve from partnering with another bank to finance agricultural clients. You will also learn about the banks' motivation to partner, the role of each bank in the partnership and the key benefits that they drew from it. 

Webinar Materials:

About the Speaker:

Antonio Abufele Coello

Regional Vice President of Business Development,

Banco Continental, Honduras


Antonio Abufele Coello is a regional vice president in Banco Continental S.A. in Honduras. Antonio started his career as a credit manager who took charge of accounts receivable business and reorganized the credit department in Realfa, SPS for two years. Later, he joined Banco Continental as a credit analyst and soon after became a regional vice president of business development. He has worked with Banco Continental for 9 years. His expertise includes vehicle, real estate and agriculture project financing and portfolio development management. His bachelor’s degree focus was on agribusiness and aquaculture engineering studies.