Webinar | Financing the Dairy Value Chain in Kenya: Lessons from Equity Bank

Speaker: George Macharia, Equity Bank, Kenya

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Struggling to understand the financing needs of key agricultural value chains in your market? Are you curious to learn from bankers that have successfully tackled this issue? Then you will find this webinar particularly useful.

George Macharia, Head of Agricultural Credit at Equity Bank in Kenya—one of the largest commercial banks in Africa currently serving over eight million clients—shared their experience in financing the dairy value chain. Mr. Macharia discussed the key factors that make Equity's model successful. You will learn how the bank identifies opportunities within the dairy value chain, how it assess its clients, and what it does to minimize risk so that financing is sustainable and profitable. Download the presentation and listen to the webinar recording below.

Webinar Materials:

About the Speaker:

George Macharia 
Head of Agricultural Credit, Equity Bank, Kenya


George is a career banker who has grown through the ranks and has been working in Equity Bank for the last 13 years, managing credit business both in branches and now at the Head office where he has been spearheading agriculture credit for the last 6 years. George has a lengthy experience in financing the agricultural and agribusiness activities especially in central Kenya where agriculture is the mainstay of the local population. He has offered leadership and still continues to do so in developing credit products in the Bank to support agriculture through value chain financing. Some of the products offered by Equity Bank through George's leadership include financing of dairy sector, which is a growing agriculture segment in Kenya. An Accountant and an Enterprise Manager by training, George has a team of over 200 agronomists who work together with him to ensure the dream of transforming livelihoods of Kenyans is achieved through Equity's agriculture financing.