Webinar | Financing Grain Supply Chains in Mexico: Lessons from Banamex

Speaker: Roberto Saldaña Rosas, Banamex, Mexico

Supply chain finance has played an important role in easing liquidity constraints and improving the competitiveness of the grains sector in Mexico—one of the world's largest grain producers. This type of financing increases access to credit for producers, enhances the reliability of supply for buyers, and serves as a risk management mechanism for financial institutions.  

To learn more about how this works in practice, in January 2014, we invited Mr. Roberto Saldaña Rosas, Agribusiness Coordinator at Banamex, a Mexican subsidiary of Citigroup, to share lessons learned from their experience in financing Mexico's grain supply chains over the past eight years. Mr. Rosas discussed the key features of Banamex's financing model, the unique context in which the bank operates, and how it works to manage risk by building relationships with various actors along the supply chain.

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About the Speaker:

Roberto Saldana Rosas 
Agribusiness Coordinator, Banamex/Citi, Mexico


Roberto Saldaña Rosas has over 20 years of experience in the banking and agribusiness sectors. While working for major banks in Mexico, he developed financing programs for a wide range of agricultural products including grains, cattle, vegetables, and sugar. He has been with Banamex since 2008, where he manages the Agribusiness portfolio in the Northwest, Center, and Gulf Divisions. Prior to Banamex, Roberto was Credit Director of a multipurpose financial company (SOFOM) for two years where his work focused on financing sugar cane production. His experience also includes four years working as a Rural Appraiser. Currently, Roberto is a member of the Agribusiness Credit Committee of the Mexican Bankers Association. He studied Veterinary Medicine at the Nacional University of México, and specialized in Agribusiness and Rural Appraisal at Chapingo Agricultural University in Mexico.