Webinar | Financing the Renovation and Rehabilitation of Tree Crops: Lessons from Rabo International Advisory

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This AgriFin webinar recording features Rabo International Advisory Services (RIAS), which provides technical assistance to financial institutions in developing countries to build capacity in agricultural finance. Our invited speaker, Ms. Elies Fongers discusses lessons from a recent study on successful renovation and rehabilitation (R&R) schemes for smallholders of coffee, cocoa and palm oil. The study was commissioned by the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) which aims to scale up R&R schemes for smallholders using public-private partnerships.

The recording is a "must" for any bank considering how they may sustainably lend to farmers to help them in rehabilitating their tree crops. The lessons that Elies shares are critical in understanding which farmers can be financed for longer term rehabilitation programs.

Ms. Fongers provides the following:

  • A brief introduction to renovation & rehabilitation of tree crops; Why is it important? What are the main techniques? What is the impact at farmer level?
  • Discuss the key challenges and success factors at farmer and at scheme level. Which farmers are those that are most able to effectively utilize funding for replanting, and how can a bank identify them?
  • Highlight the main lessons that can be learned by financial institutions interested in financing renovation & rehabilitation of tree crops by smallholders.
 About the Speaker

Elies Fongers
Senior Project Manager 
Agribusiness Advisory, Rabo International Advisory Services B.V. (RIAS)

Elies has been working in the agriculture finance and credit risk management space within the Rabobank Group for over 18 years. In her current role as senior project manager in the Agribusiness Advisory of Rabo International Advisory Services B.V. (RIAS), she is responsible for supporting agribusiness clients with strategic sourcing issues and financial institutions in developing their agriculture finance capacity building in developing and emerging markets.Elies' personal areas of expertise are market research, the development and introduction of innovative financing schemes and credit risk management.

Before joining RIAS, Elies worked as product researcher and structurer of the structured commodity finance and the commodity price risk management desk of Rabobank International in London, investment manager of the Rabo Innovation Capital Fund in the Netherlands, and as senior risk analyst of the approvals department and the credit policy department of the Rabobank Group. Elies holds a Masters Degree in Soil Science of Wageningen University as well as a Master's Degree in Financial Management of Nijenrode University.