Webinar | Agricultural Value Chain Finance – A Guide for Bankers

 About the Event

This webinar presentation featurs AgriFin's "Agricultural Value Chain Finance – A Guide for Bankers". The Guide, created by bankers for bankers, details the step-by-step process of engaging in agricultural value chain finance.

Ms. Maria Pagura, technical lead for this work, provides a brief overview of the AVCF guide, with highlights on how banks can use it at various levels, e.g., strategy, new business development, staff training. She demonstrates how the Guide can be accessed and walk users through the online version, a step-by-step, high-level overview of the value chain financing process with links to relevant VCF learning materials.

Additionally, Mr. Michael Andrade, Executive Vice President and Head of Agribusiness at HDFC Bank in India, explains HDFC’s contribution to the AVCF guide and how banks can benefit from the content and templates provided. Mr. Andrade shares HDFC's experience in leveraging value chain relationships to expand financing to new business segments and discuss how the Guide can help banks implement similar VCF models in their own markets.

 About the Speakers

Maria Pagura, Senior Program Officer, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank.

Maria Pagura manages AgriFin's Knowledge and Networks program where she is responsible for the development AgriFin's global platform on agriculture finance. She supervised AgriFin's technical projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal. Prior to joining the World Bank, she worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy where she led analytical work on rural finance and provided advisory support to ministries of agriculture in member countries. Maria has a Masters in Economics and a PhD in Agricultural Economics from The Ohio State University.

Michael Andrade, Executive Vice President and Agribusiness Head, HDFC Bank, India.

Michael Andrade is Executive Vice President and Agribusiness Head of at HDFC Bank, India. Previously, Michael worked for the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Barclays Bank PLC. With 22 years of banking experience, Michael has worked in rural markets since 2001. He pioneered and developed the Business Correspondent model for agriculture finance by establishing partnerships with cooperatives and companies working with farmers as an effective distribution tool. He is a graduate in Science and has a post-graduate degree in Financial Management from Mumbai University.