Webinar | Lending to Agricultural Clients using a Cash-flow Model: Lessons from Madagascar

 About the Event

In this webinar, Mr. Quentin De Vreese, Deputy CEO and Credit Manager at AccèsBanque Madagascar (ABM) shared ABM's experience in using a cash flow-based model to finance agricultural clients. Among other things, he will:

  • Discuss ABM's motivation for using a cash flow model and its benefits for the bank and clients.
  • Show an example of how the model works when lending to agricultural clients.
  • Talk about the key lessons and what other financial institutions can learn from ABM's experience.
 About the Speaker

Mr. Quentin De Vreese Deputy CEO & Credit Manager AccèsBanque Madagascar ​ 

Quentin was appointed as the Deputy CEO and Credit Manager of AccèsBanque Madagascar in April 2013. He has a background in commercial banking and microfinance. Before joining AccèsBanque Madagascar, he was in charge of SME lending with AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria and worked as Banking Advisor at AccessBank Liberia. Prior to that, Mr. De Vreese worked in a microfinance institution in Chile and in the banking sector in Brussels. Mr. De Vreese is a Belgian national and holds a Master's degree in Economics from the Economics School of Louvain.