Webinar | Lessons on Establishing an Agricultural Lending Business Line


Speaker: Arnold Tijdens, BPR, Rwanda

When: May 14, 2013, 9:00 AM -10:00 AM EDT


Why do some banks thrive in a high risk yet highly rewarding sector such as agriculture? What critical information do banks need to know before venturing into this sector? What are the key steps to developing a profitable agricultural lending business line?

We invite you to listen to this webinar featuring Arnold Tijdens, Head of Corporate/Food and Agriculture from Banque Populaire du Rwanda, the leading retail bank in Rwanda. Mr. Tijdens will share BPR’s experience on establishing a sustainable business line to serve Rwanda’s agriculture sector. He explains the crucial steps involved in the process, including conducting an in-depth value chain analysis, developing new product designs and delivery channels, and building the capacity of the agricultural lending team.


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About the Speaker:

Arnold Tijdens
Head of Corporate/Food and Agriculture, Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR)


Arnold has been with the Rabobank Development in Rwanda since 2011 where he headed the establishment of the agriculture department. He has more than ten years of experience in banking. Arnold first started at Rabobank in 2000 where he worked as a Senior Relationship Manager for more than six years. In 2006 he joined the Trade & Commodity Finance Department of Rabobank where he was responsible for offering structured finance solutions to international commodity traders in coffee, cotton, cocoa, and sugar. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology and an MsC in Management of Organizations from the University of Groningen, Netherlands.    


BPR became a commercial bank in 2008. The Bank seeks to offer a full range of financial services in the urban and rural areas in a market driven and financially sustainable way. Special attention is given to farmers, agribusiness enterprises, private individuals and micro as well as small and medium enterprises. BPR has a large network of 191 offices, 1600 staff, 100.000 credit files and 1.3 million clients. Learn More>>