Webinar | How to Design, Test, and Market a Credit Card for Farmers: Lessons from Turkey

Speaker:  Ömer Demirhan, Manager, Agricultural Marketing, Yapi Kredi, Turkey

When:  April 29, 2014, 9:00 AM -10:00 AM EST

Credit cards are valuable financial products for both consumers and financial institutions. Recently, Yapi Kredi, a commercial bank in Turkey, rolled out a new credit card to meet the growing needs of farmers in their market.

In this webinar, Ömer Demirhan, the manager responsible for this project, talked about what it takes to design, test, and market a specialty credit card. Participants also learned about how Yapi Kredi manages the risk associated with credit card lending and the partnerships that the bank has built to increase the benefits for farmers. 

The webinar recording provides useful information for bankers who are interested to learn how to extend their business lines by rolling out a credit card for farmers and how to manage the risks associated with it.

Webinar Materials:

About the Speaker:

Ömer Demirhan
Manager, Agricultural Marketing Department,

Yapi Kredi, Turkey


Ömer F. Demirhan is the manager of agricultural marketing department at Yapı Kredi Bank in Turkey. He started his banking career as a portfolio manager in a branch and then continued to work for state bank of agriculture for four years. Since 2008, he has worked for two different private banks to establish agricultural banking business units. He developed various financial products for agricultural sectors, as well as organization models to serve these products to the sector efficiently. He was also involved in government projects to establish a rural development plan in Turkey and harmonization of Turkey’s legislation to European Union’s agriculture. Since 2011, he has been leading a project to establish a standard agricultural lending system for his bank.