Webinar | Providing Crop Loan Insurance in Pakistan


In 2008, Pakistan launched a crop loan insurance scheme. This was the outcome of a two-year effort of the Central Bank’s Task Force on Crop Loan Insurance which comprised representatives from banks, insurance companies, farmers, and the federal government.

In this webinar, two of the Task Force members, Kashif Umar Thanvi, HBL, and Azfar Arshad, Jubilee General Insurance discussed how the insurance product was developed and the challenges faced in its implementation.


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About the Speakers:

Kashif Umar Thanvi
General Manager and Head of Rural Finance, Habib Bank Limited, (HBL), Pakistan




Kashif's experience in the banking sector spans over a period of ten years. Before he joined HBL in 2007, he worked with Khushali Bank Limited and United Bank Limited. At HBL, Kashif is leading the transformation of bank's Rural Finance Division into a business model that is innovative, self-sustainable, and scalable. His active involvement with the Central Bank of Pakistan has led to multiple initiatives such as prudential regulations for agricultural credit, crop loan insurance scheme, agricultural credit target estimation, and guidelines for various agriculture sub-sectors.

Azfar Arshad

Executive VP and Head of Operations & Branch Coordination, Jubilee General Insurance




Azfar has a rich experience of over fifteen years in the general insurance industry in the areas of risk management, underwriting, branch operations, and new product development. He represented Jubilee General Insurance in the team that developed the Crop Insurance Framework put in place by the State Bank of Pakistan. He also directed the development and launch of Jubilee Kashtkar, which is currently the only online crop insurance program in the country. Azfar is also a member of the State Bank of Pakistan's Task Force for the National Crop Insurance Scheme.