Webinar | Structured Trade Finance: Warehouse and Inventory Management in Africa


On March 26, 2013, Mr. Andrew Barr-Sim, Managing Director of Drum Commodities, shared his lessons and insights on commodity collateral management in Africa, drawing on his most recent experience as Managing Director of Drum Commodities Limited, UK.

During the webinar Mr. Barr-Sim discussed the services Drum Commodities offers to banks active in structured trade and commodity finance, including collateral management, on-site product monitoring, warehouse inspections, and project surveys. 

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Drum Commodities: What We Do

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    About the Speaker:

    Andrew Barr-Sim
    Managing Director, Drum Commodities Limited, UK


    Andrew has spent 25 years dealing in commodities, mainly sugar. He was a sugar broker for C Czarnikow in the City of London for five years, then he spent six years in Durban, South Africa as Export Manager for the South African’s Sugar Association,  two years as a Commercial Director in Tate & Lyle Sugar’s trading division, and then became a founding member of the website Sugaronline.com. Andrew also ran his own fruit packaging business for six years. Andrew started the drive of Drum Commodities into Africa in 2006. The operational footprint of warehouses and supply chains is now managed through to 15 subsidiaries and over 275 employees. 


    Drum Commodities is a logistics management company in Africa for all participants, commodity, and trade finance flows. The Company has managed close to $US 3 billion worth of products across the continent.  It has 136 operations running in Africa and US$ 2 billion of insured commodities under its care, custody, and control. Drum Commodities provide services to all the major structured trade and commodity finance banks and the biggest global traders. Its services include collateral management, on-site product monitoring, warehouse inspections, and project surveys. Learn More>>