Crop Cost Template

This two-page worksheet can be used by a loan officer to estimate the cost of production for a particular crop, plus all relevant operating expenses related to the production of that crop, as well as estimated revenues from the sale of the crop. 

Crop Cost Template.pdf

Statement of Farming Household Assets and Liabilities

This template helps a loan officer to prepare a detailed record of the assets and liabilities of a farming client.  In addition to recording assets and liabilities, the template provides a place to estimate asset values. 

Statement of Farming Household Assets and Liabilities.pdf

Farm Operations Financial Worksheet

This worksheet tool helps a loan officer to perform a detailed financial analysis of a medium-sized farming operation that is engaged in both crop and livestock activities.  There is a section for estimating crop yield and revenue, along with the...

Farm Operations Financial Worksheet_0.pdf

Farm Cash Flow Statement

This is a very simple worksheet showing income on the top and expenses on the bottom for a variety of crops.  It is useful as a summary cash flow statement for a medium to large size farm that produces several crops.  

Farm Cash Flow Statement.pdf

Detailed Crop Cost Calculations

This set of detailed tables show costs, potential yields, and estimated profit calculations for rice, maize, and soybeans in Ghana.  The tables also show the costs, yield and profit projections using different growing techniques and packages of...

Detailed Crop Cost Calculations.pdf

Protocol Development for Soybeans

This is a very specialized tool, designed to assist a farmer to estimate the time needed to complete each activity required in the soybean production cycle.  This tool could also be adapted to other crops.

Protocol Development for Soybeans.pdf

Irish Potato Sector Policy in Rwanda

One of the most important activities in developing BPR’s Food and Agricultural business line was to carry out a series of highly detailed crop “sector documents”, which provide in-depth value chain analysis. The Irish Potato Sector Policy study is...

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