Irrigation Loan Product Sheet: NUBL Technical Assistance Project

The following document contains a detailed description of irrigation loans.

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Crop, Dairy, Farm, and Irrigation Loan Product Sheets from Nirdhan Utthan Bank

The following documents contain detailed descriptions of dairy, farm equipment, crop, and irrigation loans. Crop Loan Product Sheet  Dairy Loan Product Sheet  Farm Equipment Loan Product Sheet  Irrigation Loan Product Sheet   

Crop, Livestock, and Equipment Financing Product Sheet from Banque National de Developpement Agricole

The product sheet contains detailed descriptions of agriculture SME products for crop, livestock, and equipment financing. The descriptions cover details of the product type, target clients, product objective, eligibility criteria, guarantees,...

Equipment and Warehouse Receipt Loan Product Sheets from Access Banque Madagascar

The product sheets describe features of ABM’s equipment loan and warehouse receipt loan.  Equipment Loan Product Sheet  Warehouse Loan Product Sheet  

Warehouse Loan Product Sheet: ABM Technical Assistance Project

Warehouse Loan Product Sheet: ABM Technical Assistance Project

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Equipment Loan Product Sheet: ABM Technical Assistance Project

The product sheet describes detailed features of ABM’s equipment loan.

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Inventory Credit Experience Background Paper from Credit Mutuel du Senegal

The paper reviews the experience of inventory credit in West Africa and Senegal. It examines various inventory credit schemes among different value chains in Senegal. It also discusses the legal and prudential aspects of providing inventory credit.

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