Firm to Farm Finance Toolkit - USAID

The Firm to Farm Finance Toolkit is a step-by-step toolkit developed by USAID with the goal of documenting, optimizing, and disseminating information about an innovative and promising commercial Rural Business Credit (RBC) model. 

Farm Equipment Financing by Banks

This detailed manual is geared to bankers looking for "the most practical methods and operating procedures for financing farm equipment.” Designed as a “how-to manual” by the American Bankers Association (ABA) in 1956, this is an example of the...

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Farm Real Estate Financing

“Appraise the Man and the Land” is the theme of this meticulous guide on farm mortgage lending. Published by the American Bankers Association in 1949, this manual goes step-by-step through all the main processes of making a loan, from appraisal to...

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Contract Farming

This paper is designed to help bankers understand the dynamics of contract farming.  Prepared under the auspices of the American Bankers Association’s Agricultural Commission in 1958, this document is more of a “background piece”, explaining the...

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Water and Irrigation

This “how to” manual, published in 1961 by the American Bankers Association, is designed for bankers interested in extending credit to farmers and ranchers investing in irrigation systems.  The basic principles of direct and indirect financing (i....

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Agricultural Production Financing

“Production credit may range all the way from very short term loans for harvesting crops to loans running over a period of two to three years for financing the purchase of breeding stock, installing modern equipment or carrying out soil...

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