Risk and Finance in the Coffee Sector

March 2015 | Risk and Finance in the Coffee Sector: A Compendium of Case Studies Related to Improving Risk Management and Access to Finance in the Coffee Sector, Washington D.C: World Bank.

A recent World Bank discussion paper examines the risk management and access to finance in the coffee sector. More specifically, the paper outlines: 1) major risks and constraints facing the sector; 2) potential opportunities for improving the management of certain risks; and 3) programs launched in various regions aimed at improving access to finance. In addition, the paper explores the role that producer associations, governments, non-profit organizations, the private sector, and other intermediaries can play in making risk management and financing tools more accessible and more workable for smallholder coffee growers. 

The paper considers the global coffee supply chain and the actors operating within it, and demonstrates, through the use of selected case studies, how collaborative efforts by actors and stakeholders can improve risk management and access to finance. It shows how risks can be mitigated and/or transferred between supply chain actors, and how coping can be facilitated through cooperative arrangements for when risks arise.

You can now download the full report and additional materials providing a detailed overview of the global supply chains in the coffee sector, constraints and issues impacting extension services, and overviews of production and marketing risks in the coffee sector.

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