Making Finance Work for Africa Conference (MFW4A): Zipping Finance and Farming in Africa: Harnessing the Continent's Potential

Motivated by Africa's vast potential in agricultural development, the Making Finance Work for Africa's task force on Agriculture Finance organized the Zipping Finance and Farming in Africa - Harnessing the Continent's Potential, conference held in...

BASIX KBS: Financing of Agriculture Beyond Credit

This presentation details the methodology used by BASIX KBS Bank to understand the financing of agriculture through other ways than credit.  From this research, the bank is able to see how it can better approach and appeal to these farmers who are...

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Approaches in Targeting Different Client Segments: New Models for Lending to Small and Medium Agricultural Enterprises

This presentation was delivered by Hans Balyamujura from ABSA/Barclay’s Bank at the AgriFin Financing Agriculture Forum 2012. The presentation highlights ABSA/Barclay’s presence in 13 African markets. The presentation identifies major risks...

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Rural Banking: The Case of Rural and Community Banks in Ghana

This is a case study describing the history and business model of the rural and community bank network in Ghana.  This analytical study includes lessons, and leads to recommendations on the way forward.

HDFC Bank: Agriculture Finance From Private Sector Bank Perspective

Michael Andrade, Senior Vice President of HDFC Bank presented on the background of HDFC Bank and the bank's initiatives before discussing more broadly the agriculture industry in India, the industry structure, agri-business, crop production,...

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Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

This presentation was delivered by Andre Dellevoet from African Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) at the AgriFin Financing Agriculture Forum 2012. The presentation traces the growth of AECF, a social venture capital fund whose purpose is to catalyze...

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Innovations in Rural and Agriculture Finance

This document is a set of briefs that points out the importance of business realities faced by small farmers, and the significant potential that rural and agricultural finance innovations can have on their livelihoods and food security of the poor.